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Other Wastewater Treatment Situations:
Here are some examples of other areas of wastewater treatment that we get a lot of inquires on.

Aerobic septic systems. It is not unusual for these aerobic treatment septic systems to have operating problems when someone in the home is taking strong medication for serious illnesses. Because these medications are so deadly to microorganisms they can wreck havoc on all types of septic systems, but aerobic septic systems seem to be more susceptible to this situation. It makes perfect sense to treat problem aerobic septic tanks with high quality septic bacteria and enzymes to help them perform better.

Municipal sludge ponds and settling ponds. These larger wastewater treatment ponds can be struck with unexpected and unwanted chemicals, grease, algae blooms, and solids overloading. These ponds are designed and operated to be self sustaining but deteriorate fast when a hiccup occurs. Once a problem happens it takes a lot of effort and hard work to get these sludge ponds back in balance. Our formulations can help in these situations to bring the ponds back in balance much quicker.

Many campgrounds and RV park owners ask for our help with restoration of their slow and failing septic systems. Campground septic tank problems and drainfield problems are wide spread because of the nature of their business. Many of these campgrounds and RV parks are seasonal operations and their septic systems can easily be overwhelmed by too many solids and chemicals entering the septic systems during periods of full occupancy. The majority of RV and camper holding tank products contain harsh chemicals to keep the odors down. Unfortunately these chemicals find there way into the campground or park septic tanks through dumping stations and public toilet facilities. Many times the septic systems in these campgrounds are just overloaded, especially if they have laundry facilities or a kitchen facility where they cook a lot of greasy foods. Failing septic drainfields or failed campground septic systems create terrible septic odors or drainfield odors and unsightly messy landscapes. Not what your campers want to smell or see when they go to your campground to enjoy nature at it’s best. They won’t be back if you are dealing with these types of campground septic system failures. Here are a few suggestions to help you solve your problem septic system. Many RV park and campground owners encourage the use of environmentally safe products in their laundry facilities. Some articles have been written in campground owners association newsletters encouraging the use of environmentally safe RV holding tank products. If you have a store on site, you should only sell environmentally safe products in your store. Ask us about private labeling RV holding tank products to sell in your store. This helps your septic system by adding good bacteria through the dumping station and helps to promote your campground at the same time. We offer bulk pails of our high quality septic tank and drainfield additives for your system. Prevention is the best medicine, be proactive and jump start the biological activity a month or two before your busiest time of the year. Also make septic system treatments on a regular basis to help keep your system operating at top performance. Work with your septic professional for advice on how often you should have your septic tank cleaned and your septic drainfield inspected and treated. Make sure you have septic tank outlet filters on your system and clean them often. Use proper septic tank care to protect your septic system, they can be very expensive to repair or replace.

Portable Toilets – Usually the goal in a portable toilet is to reduce the smell for the people needing to use them. Breaking down the waste is not important because they are pumped and cleaned so often. Therefore, biological portable treatment products are not the first choice for this situation. However, many areas are now passing laws to prohibit the use of harsh chemicals in portable toilets. This is because much of the waste pumped from portable toilets end up going to some form of municipal treatment plant. In large concentrations this can cause problems for these facilities. If you are in need of natural solutions for your portable toilets we have them available.

Other Products and Services:
Because we specialize in Custom Private Labeling for our professional contractors, we have the ability to private label some of our other products too. This is great for such activities as the following:

Fundraising and Business Promotion – We can private label candy for your organizations fundraising needs. Candy goes over well in any organization and creates an emotional attachment with your donators. See our unique way of adding extra cash to your fundraising efforts. Churches, schools, youth sports, school clubs, bands, and many more types of organizations can benefits from our fundraising ideas and products. Don’t just sell a product to raise money, use this opportunity to raise awareness for your organization in addition to raising money. Promote your organization with private labeled promotional items too.