Monthly Archives: July 2013

New Easy tab boxes

This year we introduced our all new 12-pack Easy Dispense Box. Our first print production was completed on the private labeled box and later this year we will have the Lenzyme box available too. The new box has English and Spanish on it. The color has changed as well. The box, packet and educational brochure are now all the same blue color. The easy dispense opens on the face of the box. Your customer will remove the calendar reminder stickers first and then the packets will feed right out. When your customer gets to the last two packets there is a reminder card for them to reorder. The feedback so far is; Customers Love Them! We’re sure this is going to increase your annual re-orders. Lastly you will notice the box weighs a little less. With the ever increasing shipping cost we looked at how we could maintain our high quality product and not increase your price at the end of 2010. We accomplished this in two ways. First the box itself is lighter but yet stronger than the older version. The next thing we accomplished was concentrating the bacteria onto less bran flakes. Both of these allowed us to lower our shipping weights and maintain our high quality without having to increase prices. We constantly are looking at ways to be more efficient so we don’t have to pass on large increases to you, our distributors.


Lenzyme’s Septic Kit

Lenzyme’s Septic Kit is designed to help rejuvenate slow sluggish drain fields. Remember, no special equipment is needed to use our Septic Kit. Therefore everyone should be able to add this service to their customer solutions. Septic fields typically fail from 4 problems. (1) A bio-mat buildup   (2) Grease Capping   (3) Sodium binding   (4) Roots. The most common problem is the bio-mat buildup. In short, fields function on a balance of Aerobic bacteria and Anaerobic bacteria. When it gets out of balance the bio-mat continues to thicken until it will not let effluent percolate through. Because of this blockage the effluent rises to the top and back ups or ponds in the yard. Septic Scrub breaks this cycle and breaks down the bio-mat. Once this reaction is done the field bacteria are killed off as well. The DBA (Drainfield Biological Activator) is added back into the field to re-establish the soil bacteria and help break down the organics that were trapped in the bio-mat. Call for more details on how you can add this valuable service to your business, or follow this link


Compost pile starter

Using 1 packet of Lenzyme is all it takes to start up and boost the microbial action in a compost pile. More heat will be generated with higher counts of bacteria. This will speed up the time it takes to break down the compost.