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What’s New at Lenzyme

New Easy tab boxes

This year we introduced our all new 12-pack Easy Dispense Box. Our first print production was completed on the private labeled box and later this year we will have the Lenzyme box available too. The new box has English and Spanish on it. The color has changed as well. The box, packet and educational brochure are now all the same blue color. The easy dispense opens on the face of the box. Your customer will remove the calendar reminder stickers first and then the packets will feed right out. When your customer gets to the last two packets there is a reminder card for them to reorder. The feedback so far is; Customers Love Them! We’re sure this is going to increase your annual re-orders. Lastly you will notice the box weighs a little less. With the ever increasing shipping cost we looked at how we could maintain our high quality product and not increase your price at the end of 2010. We accomplished this in two ways. First the box itself is lighter but yet stronger than the older version. The next thing we accomplished was concentrating the bacteria onto less bran flakes. Both of these allowed us to lower our shipping weights and maintain our high quality without having to increase prices. We constantly are looking at ways to be more efficient so we don’t have to pass on large increases to you, our distributors.


New Lenzyme Bio Filter Wash

Just Announced and Now Available for you – Lenzyme Bio Filter Wash. This NEW product will fit in perfectly with your business and is another quality service you can do for your customers. It makes the filter cleaning process easier, less time consuming for your drivers, and in most cases there is no need for you to use the customer’s garden hose. In addition to cleaning the filter, it also bio coats the filter with the high count LENZYME bacteria along with specialized enzymes. Use the bio filter wash to save your time and efforts, or better yet, offer this high quality filter cleaning service to all your septic tank cleaning customers. See the NEW LENZYME Bio Filter Wash in action with your own eyes at After many years of development and testing our new Bio Filter Wash is ready to be added to your professional septic services. Make it a part of a complete septic system treatment package where you offer your customers the added service of treating their filter with the Lenzyme Bio Filter Wash, treat their drainfield using our Septic Scrub & Drainfield Biological Activitor, and of course treating their system monthly with the Lenzyme Packets.

It’s Here – The NEW Lenzyme Bio Filter Wash!
The directions are very simple. Add the gallon of Bio Filter wash into a 3 gallon sprayer and then fill with 2 gallons of water. The sprayer should be enough to do up to 6 Septic Filters. You simply spray the filter with the bio wash and then let is sit while you pump the tank. Finish the process with another quick spray down before you re-install the filter after pumping.