Marketing Tip – Grass Root Marketing

This year at the Cole Publishing Pumper Show, Lenzyme gave a seminar on Grass Root Marketing. The attendance of this seminar (500 +) was proof enough to us that companies are looking for ways to market their companies at a reasonable cost. We introduced 45 marketing tips at that seminar. One of the tips was “Emotional Marketing”. As I spoke to the audience I was watching their reactions. Many of them were shaking their heads up and down, some lit up with smiles about what they were hearing and others (just a few) had the look of the “deer in the headlights”. It was after the seminar and the ongoing response we got at our booth that was just overwhelming. Many stopped to order our candy to begin marketing their companies better. Over and over I listened to their personal stories and how they never really thought about how a customer or potential customer feels after they leave. This was the “Emotional Attachment” that was missing in their business. They all understood emotional attachment but never thought about how it affected their business nor how to even make it happen. Now I want to share a true story that demonstrates the true power of emotional marketing. A young friend of mine is a pretty good football player. He wanted to get a shot at the NFL (every college player’s dream), we sat down one evening and I asked how do you even get noticed coming from such a small school. His reaction was, You don’t! He proceeded to tell me that you send in a DVD with some of your game highlights on it and a letter stating your Name, School, and statistics. That’s it, everyone does the same thing! Brian (my football friend) was not going to get a call from anyone in the NFL, I knew it and I think he did too. In fact, he thought they would just throw his information (probably along with many others) right into the garbage can. That is until we decided to step outside the box and market his highlights in a much different way – the emotional marketing way. Brian sent in his letter, DVD and (get ready for this) a bag of candy private labeled with his number one statistic on it. It read “Discover the Kid in Green Bay that has a 4.3 forty”. Brian got not just one call, but 3 calls already from NFL & CFL recruiters. They all told him the same thing, “We have been in this business a long time and never received anything like this in the mail”. They proceeded to tell him it was one of the most unique things they had ever seen. That folks was Great Marketing and that established an emotional tie. Now at least they will remember Brian. This is what emotional marketing is all about. You or your company are leaving a good lasting impression with the customer or potential customers.

Free Advertising: This was one of the most popular ideas from the seminar and show booth conversations. Contact your local school, scouts, sports, or church fundraising friends. Ask them if they would like to use your candy for raising money. You then order the bag of candy that is private labeled with your company’s name on it, along with the organizations name & logo. They in turn sell it to the public and you just got FREE advertising. Lets not forget the goodwill you just built up with your local community. This is a win-win plan for all. Emotional Marketing is a great way to stay ahead of your competition. Plus we have made this easy for you. Customers will remember you when you use an emotional marketing strategy!