Marketing Tip – The Rule of Repetition

The Rule of Repetition means that any communication is most effective when repeatedly brought to the attention of your target market. Why is repetition so critical? Because
most of your customers won’t take action the first few times. There are all kinds of reasons for this. Your customers aren’t familiar enough with what you want them to do. Repetition helps build familiarity, which in turn helps build trust and it then builds a routine. Your customers have many distractions in their busy lives, and they also have time-pressures. This causes them to delay action, and they will soon forget all about you. Repetition  reminds them about you, and reminds them to take care of things they have forgotten. Perhaps you haven’t encouraged them to take immediate action, or maybe they just haven’t yet realized how your services and products can benefit them. Regardless of the cause, the unfortunate result is that they don’t (or can’t) remember who you are. Start repetition by opening the box and handing your customer the calendar stickers. Ask them to place the stickers on their calendar today, and tell them how important it is for them to treat their system monthly. Follow up with your customers using postcards, phone calls, emails, Facebook, Twitter, etc – all the time stressing the important of monthly treatments. At the same time make them aware of your other services. This will keep you fresh in their minds. If they, or their friends and neighbors, have a problem you will be the first company they remember.

You should conduct business by the Rule of Repetition to the extent possible. You
won’t just present your message to prospects one time and then rest on your laurels.
Instead, you’ll be persistent and stay in contact with your customers with repetition.
You’ll be surprise how fast your business grows by using the Rule of Repetition.