Marketing Tip – Be the Local Expert

Power of the Press. The job of newspapers, magazines, radio, and even TV is becoming very competitive. Every media outlet is competing for your attention. An example of this competitive media environment can be seen in our local weather coverage. In Green Bay snow during the winter months is very common. But listening to the local news you would think it never happens here! When I was a kid a snow storm did not get mentioned in the news unless it was a foot or more. Today every snow storm is big news and you better listen to the local news or you won’t survive. They have to make a big deal out of it just to keep you coming back. On the positive side this competitive media environment is perfect for helping you get your company noticed. You are a professional with extensive expertise in the septic and drain business. If the media knows about you they will seek you out when a topic of interest to the general public is at hand. Provide the local media with a background of yourself and your business. Be sure to include your contact information, experience level, and also provide them with some educational articles. We have plenty of these educational articles which you can reproduce for FREE. Try to get a “meet & greet” with the editor or producer of your local media. The goal of your contact is to be visible to them. That way when something happens and they need expert opinions to help support their coverage you are there to help! Let me tell you about one of our distributors who did this. John from Able Septic provided an educational article to his local newspaper back in March of 2002. In June of 2003 a local resident broke through a rusted out septic lid and broke his leg. John was contacted by the newspaper to give suggestions on how to avoid such problems. His main suggestion was to have risers with safety nets installed. You guessed it, John’s business generated huge revenue that year installing risers with safety nets just because of that one mention in the local newspaper.

With regards to the Pumper magazine, we are often asked to provide distributor names for featured articles in their industry magazines. If you would like to be featured in one of their magazines please contact us with your interest. Topics that make for excellent articles are unique experiences in the industry or you fixed a problem for someone with a special twist. If Cole publishing contacts you for a featured article, please touch base with Jerard before the author does your story. Also, we are always looking for testimonials of our distributors who have used our products or marketing ideas in a successful way. Please send your testimonials to These testimonials help educate the public and result in added sales for you.