Marketing Tip – Ask for referrals

Ask for It. To grow your business the easiest and quickest way you need to ask for referrals. Don’t blow a perfectly good opportunity to grow your business by not asking for referrals. Let me pass on to you what one of our distributors does to grow his business. When they take a phone call from any customer to schedule a pump out, at the end of the phone call they use this wording before ending the phone call. “Thank you Mrs. X for using our services, do you know of anyone else in the neighborhood who could benefit from our services?” 3 out of 4 times they will get a name and a phone number from that customer. “May we use your name when contacting them?” Most of the time they will say YES, in addition they often say they will put in a good word for us. “Again thank you so much for your business, we really appreciate you as a customer. We will be sending along a bag of candy with our driver for you to show you how much we appreciate your referrals. Could we ask one more small favor of you. Please go to our website and facebook accounts and click on the Like Us button.” Everyone goes to our accounts and likes us because they know we just gave them a FREE bag of candy. Now that is a simple and successful way of growing your business with very little cost. Just think of the excellent word-of-mouth advertising you get from this simple bag of candy and just plain asking for it! Give Jerard a call today to talk about getting started using your very own private labeled candy for your referral marketing efforts. Referrals work when you ask for them, start growing your business today.

One becomes Many with Referrals!