Marketing Tip – Complete Septic Service

Fix septic problemAre you leaving MONEY on the table? Most of you make the bulk of your income doing septic tank cleanings. You are in the septic tank cleaning business and that is what you market your company as. But what if you changed that perception and started marketing your company as a Complete Septic System Service? A lot of our distributors are missing the boat as far as the newest trend in this industry – Complete Septic System Solutions! Let me give you an example of this business concept: Most car dealerships started out as just selling new cars, then they added selling used cars, then they started to do repair services, and now they have added oil changes & tire rotations. A dealership is now marketed as your complete solution for your car, a one stop shopping and continued maintenance services dealership. The same holds true in our industry, your customers want a total solution for their system. You should be offering the following services at a minimum: 1) Septic tank cleaning 2) Septic tank inspection 3) Filter cleaning and inspection, plus now a filter bacteria activation 4) Drainfield treatment 5) Lenzyme monthly applications. All these services and income streams can be done while your driver is onsite at your customer location. They are easy and do not take much time. Best of all your truck and driver are already there, so most of your cost is covered by the septic tank cleaning. Provide your customers the best and most complete services and products!